50 Ways To Practice Self-Love (To Start Doing Today)

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“Self-Love is the greatest medicine” – Anonymous

You are loved by so many! But do you know who should also be loving you? It’s YOU! Self-Love should be an essential part of your life.

Practicing self-love can be hard sometimes, especially if we’re constantly on ourselves about the littlest things. 

This is something I’ve learned to implement daily. I was always so hard on myself for wanting to be perfect. And I was fearful of everything especially when it came to going after what I wanted. 

But it wasn’t until I started on my personal development journey, that I realized, that self-love plays an important role in one’s life. This is because, in order to love others or things you do, you should be able to love yourself.

Ever since learning that, I’ve made it almost essential to practice self-love almost every day. And it’s helped me break-through many barriers of fear and doubt that’s led me towards my dreams.

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is ”the state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth” as defined perfectly by Psychology Today.

It isn’t about being full of yourself, it’s about being in a state of gratitude for who you are. More so, It’s being your own happiness’ support system.

Why is self-love important?

It’s important because you deserve to feel good about who you are and enjoy your life. No matter what shape or form, your life is made to be embraced.

And if love for yourself isn’t there, then it can be replaced by some other negative emotion.

The practice itself doesn’t have to be a grand ordeal. Because in all actuality even the smallest of acts of self-love can make a huge difference.

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Here is a list I put together of 50 ways to start practicing self-love. Of course, there are thousands of other ways you can start practicing. But this will give you more of an idea of where to start (if you’re unsure where to start).

50 Ways to Practice Self-Love

  1. Pamper yourself
  2. Talk to yourself as you would to someone you care about
  3. Write out 3 things you are grateful for every day
  4. Declutter your mind with a 10-minute meditation
  5. Plan a getaway
  6. Pace yourself with tasks for the day
  7. Be Kind to Yourself
  8. Give Back to your community or to a charity
  9. Create a vision board 
  10. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Take a scenic drive
  13. Read an inspiring book
  14. Write out your goals
  15. Eat your favorite meal
  16. Buy yourself flowers
  17. Take a road trip with someone you’re close to
  18. Write a list of things you love about yourself
  19. Explore your city
  20. Unplug from your electronics for a day
  21. Take a nap
  22. Dance like nobody’s watching
  23. Try a new hobby
  24. Try something new
  25. Hangout with the people who inspire you
  26. Throw yourself a party
  27. Go to the spa
  28. Buy yourself a new outfit
  29. Watch your favorite feel-good movie
  30. Journal your thoughts
  31. Listen to your favorite podcast
  32. Take a yoga class
  33. Write out the 10 things you love about yourself
  34. Try a new recipe to make
  35. Unwind and soak in a bubble bath
  36. Enjoy the little things
  37. Try a new restaurant
  38. Have a really good exercise session
  39. Organize your room
  40. Sleep in
  41. Tell yourself that you believe in yourself
  42. Take a day to do nothing & just relax
  43. Listen to music
  44. Burn a good smelling candle
  45. Drink more water
  46. Be off social media for a day
  47. Write out a list of new habits you want to have
  48. Clean out your closet and donate old clothes
  49. Slow down and be mindful
  50. Enjoy being you


In conclusion, I hope that this list gives you a little boost to start your own journey of self-love. Since the practice of self-love can make such a difference in your life and well-being. And It will help you grow and become more self-aware. 

Even if it’s just doing one of these practices a day, it will help you come closer to your true self. And ease the battle between you and yourself.

I’d love to hear from you, comment below or contact me letting me know what are some of the ways you practice self-love!

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