7 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

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Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t feel you could accomplish it?

That my friend is caused by a limiting belief.

“Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way” as defined by

Some of us are not even aware that these limits we impose on ourselves exist and yet we continue to allow it anyways.

We miss the opportunities and just might end up with regret.

How I struggled with my own limiting beliefs

In my first year of college, I had signed up for a beginner’s sewing class. Exciting, I know.

When I first started in the class it was overwhelming but I was eager to start.

I sat at a table with 4 other people and they were all friendly. 

The first week we learned some basic stuff and of course, I didn’t get it down all the way but the group was very helpful especially when I needed help. 

The second week rolled around and we had a pajama pants project to work on. This was a challenge for me.

Almost everyone in my group was finished with their project after day 2!

My instructor asked the group I was in if they had sewing experience since she’d notice how quickly and how well they did on the projects.

All of them said that they had a good amount of experience and the instructor then asked, “Then why are you in this beginner’s class?”

This is when I immediately became discouraged and I just thought “I will never be good enough to do this.”

Even after knowing that the teacher would help me at my pace, I couldn’t shake that belief.

So I quit the following week.

Because I allowed my beliefs get in the way instead of accomplishing my sewing goals.

Where do these limiting beliefs come from?

One thing is for sure, we are not born with these beliefs instilled within us.

Limiting beliefs come from many different places like:

  • How we were raised
  • Our Environment
  • Past Trauma
  • Society
  • Culture

So, of course, we are going to pick up things and use them as our defense shield.

But what if a lot of these beliefs are stopping us from getting to where we want to go, accomplishing goals, or even taking new opportunities.

Then we must stop these limiting beliefs from determining how we live our lives. 

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7 Common Limiting Beliefs

I can’t possibly list all the limiting beliefs but I can give you 7 that most of us have.

  1. “I can’t do that”
  2. “I’m not (fill in the blank) enough” – Young, thin, rich, smart, etc.
  3. “I don’t deserve it”
  4. “It needs to be perfect”
  5. “I know I will fail”
  6. “What will others think of me?”
  7. “I don’t have (fill in the blank) to do that” – Money, time, etc.

How To Stop These Limiting Beliefs

After that sewing class, I continued to allow my limiting beliefs to stop me from going after what I wanted.

It wasn’t until I started learning more about personal development, that I started to see what my limiting beliefs were and how much they played a part in my life.

One of the first things I do is recognize the beliefs.

By recognizing these beliefs, you’re shining a light on them so you know when to catch them in the act.

Of course, there are going to be tons of limiting beliefs but, you can decide to choose the ones you feel to stop you the most. 

You can even write it out.

After discovering the limiting beliefs, I question them

Like a detective, you want to ask questions and try to get to the bottom of it.

“Where did this belief come from?”

“Is this belief benefiting me?”

“How is the belief not true?”

“Will this belief affect me if I continue to have this belief?”

Asking questions will uncover a lot of truth and you will start to see that most of these beliefs are just a facade.

Then I start to replace my old limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs

Because these old beliefs are not beneficial to me accomplishing my goals, I replace it with a belief that’s more powerful and positive.

For example, if the limiting belief is “What will others think about me?” I will rephrase it with something like “It’s none of my business what others think of me”.

This helps me be empowered to move forward and overcome those limiting beliefs.

Lastly, I continue practicing empowering beliefs

Replacing an old belief once is not going to be the end-all for it. Continue practicing replacing the old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs.

The more you practice the more you will be aware of the limiting beliefs and you’ll have a better chance to replace them with good supportive beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs are within us since we were young and the environment we’ve been exposed too.

It’s our job to recognize them and change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs to help us go after our goals. 

I believe you have what it takes to change that narrative within and move towards your goals and dreams.

Start today!

Recommended Book: Girl, Wash Your Face – Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis

What are some of the limiting beliefs you have that stop you from taking opportunities? Leave a comment below!

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