8 Ways To Unwind After A Stressful Day At Work

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Have you ever just come back from stressful after a long day at work?

You thought you were going to make a nice home-cooked meal and end up getting takeout. You struggle to get to sleep because of the overbearing stress. And you’re dreading the next day in hopes that the cycle of stress won’t start again.

That after-work stress feels like it can make or break what you’ve got going on for the rest of the day.

When I was working my 9-5, this is exactly how I felt, almost regularly. All I wanted was a break from all the stress and enjoy the rest of my evening at ease. So I tried lots of different things to help ease the tension when work was just too much that day. 

I was looking for ways that could help me cope with my stress, feel happier, and unwind for the day. And I discovered the 9 simple ways to unwind after a stressful day at work! 

These are, I find, the best methods that helped me feel more at ease and melt the days stress away. And I’m here to share them with you in hopes that they will do the same for you.

8 ways to unwind after a stressful day at work

Deep Breathe

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When I just take a moment to a deep breath, it relaxes me and helps me regroup after a long day at work. 

It’s a simple but very effective way to destress, not to mention deep breathing has many more amazing benefits than we might know. 

Even though our breaths are on auto-pilot, take the time to intentionally take deep breaths throughout the day and especially after a tension-filled day at work.

Take A Nap

girl napping to relieve stress

I used to feel bad for taking naps because I thought it was a time-waster, but when I found out that Winston Churchill took naps ON THE DAILY while RUNNING A WHOLE COUNTRY, I thought that it’s totally okay for me to take a nap too! Huzzah!

Seriously, naps aren’t just for cats and babies, they are for us too! They are a great way to refresh and put that stress aside. Just take a 15-30 minute nap and start feeling rejuvenated.

Unplug From Social Media

cell phone faced down

One thing that packed on more stress after a stressful day at work, was when I would spend my time scrolling through my social media feed (especially that negative nonsense stuff). Not to mention the time I wasted just looking at the feed.

Putting aside the phone for some time to enjoy and relax for the rest of the day can help you with decompressing that stress without adding it on.

Go For A Walk

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When I would do something that moves my body, I always come back more refreshed and it was a physical way to let go of the day’s stress.

Going for a brisk walk is a perfect way to release unwanted strain and tension. Add some deep breathing in your walk and you’re doing more to decompress and feel good.

Listen To Music

girl listening to music

Listening to music is my all-time favorite way to shake the stress away! It instantly boosts my mood and puts me in a much happier space. 

Music is like the secret elixir we need to take us out of any state of mind. Start putting on your favorite jams and maybe dance it out a little too. 

Make sure the music is uplifting. You don’t want the music to put you in a state of sadness or anger, it won’t help the cause to let go of stress. Trust me.

Turn On The Scents

lighting a candle

Do you ever just light a candle or turn on your essential oil diffuser and find yourself unable to stop sniffing it?! Hi, yes, that’s me lol! I love candles so much that at one time I bought 6 candles so I can constantly have something smell good in my home.

Good smells can put you in a great mood and also aid in de-stressing yourself. There is something about a good smell that can change the ambiance in the room. 

Lavender and citrus scents are said to have stress-reducing effects and can lift moods. Try it out for yourself!

Read A Book

girl reading in chair

Before you say “I’m not a reader” or “I don’t like to read”, hear me out. I was saying the same thing before too. I didn’t touch a book years after I graduated high school. But, when I decided to blow the dust off of a Nicholas Sparks novel I bought myself a while before, I came to love reading (at my own pace).

Books are a great way to escape a stressful day. They can get you excited with a fantasy novel like The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins, motivated to go after your dreams like with Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert or inspired to take back your life like with Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis.

Whatever it is you’re into, there is a book made out there ready for you to pick up and boost your mood and wash away that work stress.

What Are You Grateful For?

girls smiling and are happy

Lastly, one of the biggest things that I would always remind myself of is to always recount what I’m grateful for. Whether being grateful for something small as the dessert I just devoured or something big like being able to live another day. 

Being grateful will help put things into perspective and make the things that you stressed out about smaller and unnecessary. 

There are so many ways to add more gratitude to your day. And being grateful is a simple way to bring calmness and happiness on a stressful day.

Stress after a long day of work shouldn’t have to linger throughout the day. And these 9 ways to unwind after a stressful day at work help with feeling happier, releasing the tension, and enjoying the rest of your day.

Try these methods for yourself and let me know which de-stressor worked best for you!

simple ways to ease stress after a long day at work
8 effective ways to unwind after a stressful day at work

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