Get Back on Track With Your Goals

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Getting back on track with any goal can feel like the highest mountain you’ve ever had to climb. But why? It’s not like we are climbing Mount Everest!

Most of the time, it’s because we are mentally blocking ourselves from reaching our goals.

Here are a few reasons why you may be getting off track:

Questioning whether this is for you – Sometimes the slightest thing can make us feel unworthy of being able to accomplish our goal.

Distracted by outside sources – Life gets busy and we put things off and don’t create time for our goals.

Losing sight of your goal – Just like getting distracted, the focus on what you want isn’t as clear.

Overthinking it all – The things you tell yourself are convincing you that getting back on track isn’t worth it.

Could you relate to any of these? I know I sure can! In almost every goal I’ve set for myself and went after I failed tons because of those 4 little reasons.

When I started going through my healthy lifestyle journey, I struggled with staying on track towards the beginning.

I realized that it was because going full force towards my fitness goal was a new habit that I needed to create and establish.

I had to break that cycle and find a way to get back up and keep going when I slow down or brake towards my goal. 

So I found the best 7 ways to get back on track that worked for me and still use today.

And I know it will do the same for you!

So here they are…

7 Ways to Get Back on Track

Recognize That It’s Not the End

When we were babies first learning how to walk, It’s safe to say that we had some falls along the way.

And after that first fall, did we give up? No! We kept getting up and tried again until we finally nailed it!

So that’s why you shouldn’t give up on your goal after getting off track!

Let the bumps in the road happen and if it slows you down, recognize that it’s not the end and you can keep going after it.

The only thing that can stop us is ourselves. 

So as soon as you fail, try, try and try again. 

Start with One Thing

Getting off track can make you feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how you are going to get back on track (at least for me it does).

The simplest way is to start with one thing to put you back on and towards your goal again.

Let’s say you are trying to hit your fitness goals, but you skip a few days of working out and eating healthier. 

No worries, start with just implementing 1 workout for the week or maybe just start making your healthy dinners. 

You’ll soon discover that it will be easier to keep going and gett into the groove of things again by just starting on that one thing. 

Remember Your Why 

Your Why is the reason behind the goal you’ve created for yourself.

When you’re feeling out, just remember the reason why you’re going after your goal or progress.

When it’s something that fires you up, it’s easier to get you back and moving again. 

See more on finding your why & how to set goals you can actually stick to in my blog post here

Find what it is that gets you off track and adjust

When you are starting with doing something new, you are more than likely to stumble upon your old habits. 

Old habits can slow you down or completely stop you.

Anytime you feel your off track with your goal, try to find what it is that stops you and create a new habit in its place.

For example, if you’re creating a blog and you have writer’s block every time you are trying to write a post, find what it is that usually stops you.

Is it the habit of constantly looking at your phone or maybe disempowering thoughts? 

Whatever it is, recognize and continue to push through.

Redirect you plan

Let’s face it, sometimes the things you do to get to your goal don’t always work out. 

But that doesn’t mean that reaching that goal is unachievable. It just means you need a plan B. 

Find the next best thing that will work for your goal and run with it. 

Always take what you learned from what didn’t work and apply to your goal by redirecting. 

Free Yourself From The Self-Doubt 

We can easily get caught up in our thoughts, especially when we start something new. 

Of coursethere will be uncertainty about something we’ve never done before, but we shouldn’t allow it to stop us. 

Free yourself from the doubt by telling yourself that you can do it.

You’re capable of doing anything especially going after a goal you deserve to achieve! 

Struggling with self-doubt? Check out my article on How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Take Immediate Action

Lastly, the simplest way to get back on track is to take immediate action.

By taking action right away you are more likely to skip the off-track rhythm and keep going. 

Even if it’s just a small task, it can make a difference in your goal and will create a good habit for it. 

There are tons of great ways to get back on track but these are the ones that personally helped me every time I fell off the wagon.

Getting off track isn’t the end all be all and shouldn’t be the reason to stop completely. It happens a lot and it’s completely okay. 

So continue towards your goal and keep fighting for it! I believe in you!

What are some of the goals you’re going after? I’d love to know! Comment below.

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