How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting Productive

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I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t want to work on my blog today. 

I wanted to stay in my cozy bed and keep taking a nap. And I had a really good excuse too. 

You ready for it? My excuse was “I’m tired”

Mind you that I work at home now and the only thing that I have to be tired from is my workout.

So my excuse is not valid.

I realized after getting out of the shower how lame it was for me to say “I’m tired” when I have things to do and goals to accomplish.

After shaking off the excuses, I decided to write about it.

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Putting things off is a simple solution but also can cause a back up on your tasks and goals. 

But why do we procrastinate?

Watch this quick clip from Mel Robbins going over ‘The ONLY way to stop procrastinating’

As Mel Robbins simply puts it, “We procrastinate because it’s a form of stress relief.” 

I don’t know about you but my mind was blown after she said that because it makes sense.

Of course, we want to put off the things we don’t want to do because most of the time these things are stressing us out!

But if we are constantly putting things off, how much more stressful will it be when we see that our task list is getting longer and our goals are not getting accomplished?

Well, then it is up to us to stop the habit of procrastinating and start doing what we have to do.

how to stop procrastinating and start getting productive

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5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

As a former queen of putting things off until tomorrow, it took me a long time to learn and form new habits to lessen my procrastination.

Here is a list of the 5 ways to stop procrastinating and start getting productive

Remove the Distractions

With today’s technology, it seems like there are more distractions than ever before. 

Start by turning off your phone or setting it on silent and putting it away from you while you do your tasks.

This will help you not check your phone for every ping or buzz that comes out. Even if it’s just a weather alert, it still can be distracting.

Make A List and Start With The Tough Stuff

As it says, simply gather a list of all the things you have to do and start with the harder tasks first.

Getting through the things that are much harder first will make it easier to finish up your other tasks in a jiff.

And once you get through those bigger tasks, you’ll feel more rewarded and accomplished. (at least for me it does!)

Just Start

It can be easier said than done, but it’s true. The simplest way to get out of being a procrastinator is to just start taking some type of action.

Even just within 5 minutes of doing the task, you won’t have those feelings of not wanting to do it as much anymore.

This is the method I use the most and it works like a charm every time!

Do One Thing At A Time

So you have your list of tasks to do but it might seem overwhelming. 

Just start with one thing.

We tend to put more on our plate than we have too like it’s some type of rule. But that is not the case here.

By taking on one task at a time, you are focusing on one thing and accomplishing it before moving on to the next.

Plus, by putting your focus on that one thing, the outcome will be much better than doing 20 things at once and not being able to finish hardly any of them. 

Listen to What You’re Telling Yourself and Switch the Narrative

We are our biggest critic and a lot of the times we are doubting ourselves more than anyone else is.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Your inner voice is going to be telling you one thing like “I can’t do it.”

But you can start changing those negatives into positives by saying “I can do it! And if I do it now, I will have more time to do XYZ”

You don’t have to allow those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to hold you back.

Practice turning those negative talks into positive ones and see how much this can help with getting out of the habit of procrastination.

Bonus Method to Beat Procrastinating

If you watched the Mel Robbins video above about procrastination, she mentions one way to stop procrastinating.

Here I’ve outlined it for you: 

  1. Acknowledge the stress
  2. Count 5-4-3-2-1
  3. Interrupt the procrastination habit
  4. Do 1 Thing

And that’s all folks!

It’s simple enough to use daily and to start changing those procrastination habits to productive ones!

Procrastination doesn’t have to be your middle name.

By using these steps to break that habit, you will be more productive and feel more accomplished than ever.

I do believe that it’s that simple if you keep trying and have belief in yourself!

What are some procrastinating habits you had and how did you turn those around? Let me know in the comments below.

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how you can overcome procrastination in 5 simple ways
5 ways to beat procrastination and start getting things done

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