My Weight Loss Story – How I Created A Healthier Lifestyle

Before and after weight loss journey

Weight Loss. One of the things that seems to be what most people think about in their lives.  I personally was consumed by my weight and comparing myself to the size 0 models.

It was an obsession to want to look and be thinner but never something I wanted to seriously make a habit. Or at least nothing I could ever stick with for the long haul. 

The Start of My Weight Loss Journey

December 2017, I weighed the heaviest I ever did. 180 pounds. At that point I was sluggish all the time, felt sick constantly and consumed whatever I would crave.

That day I took a hard look in my life because I needed to change things if I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle…but for good.

It was like a train hit me with the realization that in just a few years we would be starting our family and I needed to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and for our future children.

So I started immediately. I wrote down my goals, used a calorie counting app, implemented a workout schedule and always kept the reason I’m creating my healthy lifestyle in front of me at all times.

I really stuck to my goals more than I ever have in my (at the time) 24 years of life. Yes there were times that I wanted to give up or I would slightly get off the tracks.

But, I would remind myself what I was doing this for and would continue towards my goal. 

By the end of 2018 I had lost a total of 16 pounds. It might not seem like much but to me it was a successful start of my weight Loss journey.

I’ve lost a total of 24 pounds to date (October 2019) and I’m still committed to my journey, if not more! Of course, I’m no size 0, but I feel good about myself and I’m embracing it.

You might be in the same boat I was. You might be feeling exactly the way I was. I’m here to tell you that if I can do it, so can you! Below I’ve listed the things I did and I continue to do towards my healthy lifestyle.

What Helped Me Lose Over 16 Pounds In A Year

Disclaimer: I am not a professional trainer or dietician. Everything posted below is what I personally used for my weight loss journey and is not intended to be a weight loss program.

Your Reason/ Your Why

This might sound strange but I believe that if you have a reason to go after it, you are more willing to push further and reach your goal. My reason was for my future children and that is what kept me going.

I wrote down my reason on a piece of paper and kept it in front of me. I used it as a reminder to keep going when I felt down or wanted to give up.

So whether it’s to finally wear that bikini for summer or to just feel and look good for yourself, find your reason why, write it down, keep it in front of you and let it drive you.

Goals, Goals, Goals

On the same sheet of paper, you wrote down your reason/why below it list your goals.

I wrote out my ideal weight goal, my calorie per day intake (just the number, I used a calorie counter app to do the rest), How much water to drink, How many days a week I will work out and also some other personal goals that I wanted to achieve that year.

By listing out your goals, you will have an actual target to aim for. This helped me tremendously to keep my “eyes on the prize”.

Everyone should set goals for anything that they want to achieve. You’d be surprised how effective goal setting is and how much it can impact your initial goal.

Progress Pictures & Measuring

Sometimes while on your weight Loss journey you may not feel like your seeing you’re losing weight. You may need to see it to believe it. I took progress pictures throughout the year.

I tried to do it monthly, but (if I’m totally honest), I took them quarterly. Even by taking the first initial photo before I started on my journey and then the last one of the year, I was blown away because it didn’t feel as if I lost weight sometimes. But the proof is in the pudding.

Taking the before and after photos, even if you don’t feel comfortable. This is for your eyes only. By doing so, you can feel the progress and you will feel good about where you are and where you are heading.

Healthy Eating & Exercise

After I laid out my goals on paper, it was time to get to put in the work. I kept track of what I was eating through the My Fitness Pal App by logging in everything I ate. And I mean EVERYTHING.

This helped me make sure I wasn’t overeating and staying within my average daily calories. I exercised 3 days a week doing at least 30 minutes per exercise.

Since I didn’t have a gym membership (nor do I still have one), I worked out at home (and I still do). I used workout programs I found through Pinterest or followed videos on YouTube. They are just as effective.

Eating healthier and exercise doesn’t have to be a chore but it is the key if you want to see results.

Find ways you can implement better eating habits like cooking home meals rather than opting for the drive-thru. Or prep your lunch the night before so you don’t have to eat out the next day for lunch. 

Working out can be daunting and tiring but it’s essential to get active if you want to hit your weightloss goals.

You can find workouts for beginners or start with a brisk 15 to 30 minute walk. Heck, you can even dance! Just get your body moving. 

Think Long-Term

If only we could keep our results and never have to worry about them again. But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Before when I would try to start my health routine, I would want it to happen quickly.

But eventually, I would give up through discouragement and old habits. This time around I had set in my mind that giving up was not an option. I had to accept that this is something I had to keep doing in the long run. 

Just like a car, you have to make sure it’s maintained so that it can drive. Plant it in your mind that your in it for the long haul.

Of course the results are going to be amazing but you want to make sure to maintain yourself where you feel best. Even when you feel like giving up, just push past it and remember how far you’ve come.

In Conclusion

Anything and everything is possible if you just believe. Remember you can always go after what you want, you just have to really want it and go after it. 

I hope my message here today was able to help you and inspire you towards your own weightloss journey. I’d love to hear your weight loss journey by commenting below or you can contact me through the contact form

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