Doubting Your Dreams – How To Overcome Self-Doubt

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Have you ever wanted to start something but then started telling yourself you can’t do it whatever reason? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. We start assuming before it even happens and then it never happens!

This derives from the fear of the unknown. We don’t know what to expect and frankly, we don’t want something to happen (that most likely won’t happen). So how can we go about putting the self-doubt aside?

I’ve been able to overcome self-doubt in many cases by applying what I’ve learned through personal development books, podcasts & more!

How I overcame self-doubt

A few years ago, I wanted to create a blog because it sounded like something I can do in my spare time and create something out of it (even with no experience).

So I started the search. I scoured Pinterest and skimmed the “How to create a blog” posts and boy, was I overwhelmed. It just seemed like too much work. So I gave up.

A year or so goes by and the idea of creating a blog came up again, but those same overwhelming feelings hit quicker than the last. Again the same idea of creating a blog came once again.

I couldn’t understand why this unrelenting idea kept lingering? From what I learned from personal development books and audios, is to listen to that gut feeling that is signaling you. I needed to know and the only way to find out was to create a blog. But how?

After reading ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ by Rachel Hollis, I was ready to make a change and break down that barrier of fear. I pushed past the limiting belief I had set years ago and I went for it.

Even if it didn’t work out, at least I tried. It took time to learn all about blogging. And that was what was apart of the fun. I went back and read those “How to start a blog” posts on Pinterest, I listened to successful bloggers podcasts and followed their social media accounts like “TSC Him & Her Podcast”, “The Rise Podcast” and “Goal Digger Podcast”.

And while I did all that research, I took action and created my blog and learned as I go. While I’m still in the midst of it all, I’m so happy that I didn’t let my self-doubt get in the way of taking the first step.

Here are some steps you can take to get through doubt and reach your dreams.

Doubting your dreams and overcoming Self doubt

Take immediate action

This is going to kick that doubt to the side and help you build momentum towards your goal.

If you’ve been wanting to plan a vacation, think about the location and set a date. You’ve just taken the first steps towards your goal. Don’t allow the uncertainty to keep you from what you want, bust right through it.

Write it out

As soon as you’ve taken the action, write out the next goals you will need to take to go after your dream. So in the same example as the vacation, you will want to plan out exactly what you need to book your vacation.

Book flights & hotels, update passports (or get passports), budget for a trip, etc. Setting your goals in place will help create a road map so you don’t feel confused about what the next steps are. This will also help you keep accountable during the process.

Keep moving towards it

Continue to work towards your goals and add in some personal development. If there is no action there is a good possibility that self-doubt will creep back in. When you’ve been doing a workout for 2 solid weeks you might be feeling good and seeing progress.

But let’s say you get sick and need to take a week off, getting back to the routine can feel hard and discouraging sometimes. But don’t let that stop you. Keep going towards the goal. You have it in you to fight the self-doubt that might just come back.

Simply put, Just start! Because at the end of the day there is always going to be some type of self-doubt or fear about starting a new goal or venture. And the only way to start is to take the first step.

What is something that you’ve been struggling to do because of self-doubt? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or you can contact me through the contact form.


Podcasts I Follow: TSC Him & Her Podcast | The Rise Podcast | Goal Digger Podcast

Books: “Girl, Wash Your Face” By Rachel Hollis

How to stop self doubt and start living your dreams
Living your best life without self doubt
How To Start Living Your Best Life By Overcoming Self-Doubt
How To Get Over Self-Doubt and Start Living Your Life
Learn How To Eliminate Self-Doubt And Start Living Your Best Life

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