Self-Care Ideas For When You Are Stuck At Home

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With all the craziness that is happening in the world right now and having to stay indoors, let’s talk about self-care at home!

Self-care is always important because when you feel good, you do good and we all want to feel good right?

My definition of self-care is to do things for yourself that make you stress-free and happy.

There are so many different self-care ideas you can start doing right now. 

And if you want to start, below I’ve listed the 7 self-care practices I do very often when I need to refresh and start feeling good.

7 Ideas For At Home Self-Care

Self-Care Ideas For When You Are Stuck At Home

Get Ready For The Day

Even if you’re going to be home all day, why not dress up as if you are going to be out and about! 

There is something about getting ready for your day that gets you feeling like you can go and accomplish anything. 

And if you are staying home, you can take your time getting ready as opposed to feeling rushed to get to where you have to go.

Put on your favorite outfit or do your hair the way you like, and start feeling good!

Get Moving and Grooving

Moving your body is the best way to get out of any funk and your body loves it when you do.

Taking a brisk walk, doing some form of exercise or having a little dance party will do the trick to get you feeling good.

I like to turn on my favorite tunes when I take showers and dance it out.

Maybe it’s the endorphins but having a self-care routine where you do some type of movement is bound to get you feeling happy and satisfied.

Read A Book

I don’t know about you but I love getting lost in a good book. 

Taking the time to just curl up with a good book is so relaxing. Maybe that’s why some people fall asleep while reading?!

I’m currently enjoying reading books I didn’t want to read when I was younger like the Harry Potter series.

If reading is something that you like doing then it’s the perfect practice to add to your self-care routine!

And if you’re not a reader, maybe try audiobooks or podcasts.

Change Up The Ambiance

How do you feel when you change up a room? Usually good right?

Well if you need a little self-care and a little change, re-organize your room!

You can use the practice of Feng Shui to add intention and harmony to your space. 

Almost every time I move my furniture around in my house, I feel so excited and refreshed.

So start to add a little Feng Shui and goodness to your space! 

Write Out Your Goals

When we have a lot of time at home, sometimes it’s hard to think of things to do so that we are not bored.

Why not write out your goals! Or if you already have them, you can revise your goals and spruce them up if needed.

This self-care practice is great to add to your routine because it can help keep you on track on what you want most.

I like to break my goals down so that it feels easier to attain them. This gets me excited for the future!

If you need help on how to set your goals, check out my post on Goal Setting.

Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

When was the last time you talked to your loved ones? Maybe you speak to them all the time.

Or maybe you’re always on the go go go and don’t feel like you have time for even yourself. (I can attest to this.)

Stop and take the time to reach out by phone to your loved ones, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Having a chat with others is so refreshing. And yes this is self-care because when you have a good talk with others, doesn’t it just make you feel good?

Make it a habit of just seeing how others are doing every so often and see how good it makes you feel!

Open Your Windows

If we are home all day, just crack open those windows (unless it’s snowing or raining! LOL).

Let your home/room breathe a bit too. 

My Nana always used to say “Fresh air will do you good!” and she was so right.

It refreshes your mind, soul, and home!

There is magic in the fresh air to make you feel good!

In the end, Self-Care is what you make it. Whether in big or small simple ways, you can find self-care in anything.

These 7 ways are what helps me add a little self-care and I hope they help you too with your routine.

Doing the things you love and that make you feel best is what it’s all about. And I believe we should always add self-care in our everyday life!

What are some of the things that make you feel good? I’d love to hear from you. Comment Below!

Simple At Home Self-Care Ideas to Start Doing Now
7 Ideas For At Home Self-Care

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