Ten Daily Reminders You Need To Hear

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Everyone has daily reminders whether it’s the day’s to-do’s, or tomorrow’s stresses, we are constantly thinking about it.

But how many of them are positive, encouraging thoughts?

It can be hard to just put those stress thoughts aside and look at the bright side of things.

Every day I used to wake up so stressed because of all the things I had to do for work, home life, and even my future.

I was consumed by stress and more so fear. 

Is this something that you are going through or have gone through?

It feels chaotic and as if it will never end, doesn’t it!

But here is the thing, it can end or at least ease up. It’s just up to us to remind ourselves of it.

How Daily Reminders Can Help You

When I was driving myself crazy with these stressful thoughts, I wanted to do something about it because A.) I wanted to feel happier with my life and B.) I was noticing it was affecting my family too.

Through my personal development journey, I found that using daily reminders that are positive can make an impact, even if it’s just one small reminder.

Personally, I’ve felt a huge change by just constantly reminding myself of these positive things, which I’ve implemented in my daily affirmations too.

And I’ve listed them here for you to use when you need to ease up on the stressful thoughts.

The Ten Daily Reminders You Need To Hear

Daily Reminder #1: I am doing the best I can

This one is the one I know everyone needs to hear the most. Know that you are doing the best you can today.

Daily Reminder #2: I am loved

Not everyone may feel as if they are loved but we have to remind ourselves that there are many people out there who love us regardless if we know it or not. 

Daily Reminder #3: I am Important

If you don’t feel like you matter, I’m here to tell you that you do matter. You make a difference in this world.

Daily Reminder #4: I am enough

You were wonderfully made and who you are is who you were meant to be. Even as we change, you are still enough and that’s something to embrace.

Daily Reminder #5: I Love Myself

Not everyone can come to terms with loving themselves and that’s okay. But everyone should give themselves a chance. Do small things to show yourself you are caring for you. It doesn’t hurt, I promise.

Daily Reminder #6: I Choose Happiness

Small things can make an impact on how we feel if we allow it. If happiness is a choice, always choose it over anything. There are many benefits to being happy. Read some of them here from

Daily Reminder #7: It’s Okay To Take My Time

We may feel as though everything has to be done right away. But that can cause more stress to your day. Remind yourself that you can take the time you need to get things done (if, of course, there isn’t a due date). Slow your roll as they say and enjoy doing things little by little.

Daily Reminder #8: What Others Think of Me Is None of My Business

If you’re like me, I struggled (and still at times do) with caring for what others think about me. But if we are consumed with thoughts that don’t do us any service, we aren’t really living our lives. Keep reminding yourself that how you live your life is your business and no one else’s. So carry on living and loving your life.

Daily Reminder #9: Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

Perfection is a facade. If everything were perfect and we did everything to a T, it would be a boring world. Remember that making progress is an achievement on its own, no matter how big or small. Strive for it!

Daily Reminder #10: I Believe In Myself

Things will happen when you believe in yourself and what you can do. If you could take one reminder from this whole list, choose to believe in yourself.

We don’t have to live our lives with stressful thoughts every day. With these small yet impactful reminders, we can make a difference in our lives. 

I challenge you to choose at least 3 reminders you will use daily and see how much of a difference it can make.

What 3 reminders are you going to start using? I’d love to know, comment below!

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The Ten Daily Reminders You Need To Tell Yourself
The Ten Daily Reminders You Need Right Now

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